Saturday, August 14, 2010

momofuku noodle bar (New York, NY)

I still haven't written up my review for momofuku ssam bar, but I've decided to save the better for later.

momofuku noodle bar was certainly an enjoyable experience, and I'd definitely say, "It's worth a visit."  But it didn't quite live up to the expectations I had for a "David Chang original recipe." 

Certainly a more casual feel than its momofuku siblings, the noodle bar is a good place to visit with friends.  But do expect there to be a wait, unless you can beat the crowd for an early dinner.

momofuku noodle bar, nyc

At any momofuku, you *must* try to steamed pork buns.  These were no different from the ones I had at the ssam bar the other time.  Don't leave this place without first trying the pork buns. 

steamed pork buns
steamed pork buns
 I also very much enjoyed the cold spicy noodles. But these noodles are spicy. Really Spicy.

spicy noodles

spicy noodles

The most boring (and disappointing) dish of the day was ramen.  I had such high expectations for this dish,,, and maybe that was why, but I really thought that I could expect more from momofuku than this.  I thought the soup was way too greasy with no real flavor.  Maybe I was unlucky.  Maybe I'll give it another try next time.

ramen with pork

Would I go here again? 

Yes, probably.  But only for the pork buns, not for the ramen.

Do Eun @ momofuku noodle bar, nyc

Location: 171 1st Ave (between 10th and 11th streets), NYC
Dress Code: Casual
Occasion: any casual occasion
Price Range: ~$20 / person for appetizer and entree (tax and tip not included)


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